UConn Student Awards Night 2014



The UConn IFTSA Chapter with the Speaker of the Day, Dr. Valerie Duffy, Associate Dean Dr. Cameron Faustman, and IFTSA UConn Advisors Drs. Kumar Venkitanarayanan and Bradley Bolling.


Graduate Award

Nutmeg IFT Chair Nicole Whitney (Bigelow Tea) and Past-Chair Susan Gerulis (Pepsico) distributing Awards at the function


People 2 People 1

We had a great audience at the 2014 Nutmeg IFT Student Awards Night


Dr. Faustman with Award winners

Dr. Cameron Faustman interacting with the Student Award winners during the function


Valerie our Speaker

Dr. Valerie Duffy presenting her talk at the 2014 Nutmeg Student Awards Night