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Founded in 1982, IFTSA has been making steady and commendable progress in several US Universities. The main focus of IFTSA is on networking and communication between its members and the professionals in the field of food science and technology. Membership in IFTSA increases the potential of the students to be successful, and enhance their future as food science professionals. IFTSA facilitates competitions, scholarships, networking and leadership opportunities as well.

Our mission in the University of Connecticut is to connect with professionals in the area of food science, nutrition and health, industry and academia. The main objectives of IFTSA at UConn are to facilitate scientific and productive dialogues among its members, stimulate scientific investigations into technical problems dealing with the manufacture and distribution of food, promulgate the results of research in food technology, offer a forum for discussion and plan, organize and administer projects for the advancement of food science, nutrition and health.

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