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You have reached the website of the Connecticut regional section of the Institute of Food Technologists. As an organization with over 50 years of glorious history, we stand with our heads up in promoting the ideals of professionalism and versatility of food scientists worldwide, and that of the United States in particular. This is a great platform for all people who like food, including its science, technology, innovation, future and politics. This is where the young blood and the experienced meet, and the decisions for the future are made with clarity.

This year, we are glad to inform that our section has been recognized as a  Section of Excellence.

We offer new opportunities for our members interesting new information about food science and opportunities for personal growth. In that process we promote the ideals of our larger community, the National IFT, the foundations of food science and technology, networking opportunities, and conducting meetings and conferences where we meet great people who would inspire us for a greater tomorrow.

For students of food science, this is a great platform for professional development, service opportunities, and to join an annual Student Awards night. We distribute awards to students with excellent future and meritorious record, majoring in or associated with food science. Please contact us for details, or visit the Students’ page of this website.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Nutmeg IFT, we welcome each one of you to join our group and grow with us. Please send your commitments to the Membership/Communications Division at nutmegift@gmail.com and check out our website for new events.

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