Past Event Gallery

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2021-2022 Meetings

March 2022: What is a research chef anyway? NYIFT and Nutmeg joined together for a meeting to discuss the evolution of research chefs and their role in new product development and beyond in the food industry.

February 2022: Finding new and unique ways to connect during difficult times, Nutmeg members enjoyed a virtual wine tasting with Jamie Adler. They enjoyed a white wine, red wine and a rose.

2019-2020 Meetings

January 2020: Members are the best! Networking at Barcelona in Fairfield, and collecting donations of canned goods for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission

Special guest speaker Noel Anderson IFT President Elect
Thanks for all your support Nutmeg!

2018-2019 Meetings

April 2019: Nutrient Profiling in Innovation at our joint meeting with the NYIFT

Thanks to Pepsi for hosting us

February 2019: Making chocolate fun and educational visiting Fascia’s Chocolates in Waterbury

Warming up our hearts and taste buds

October 2018: Kicking off the year with a wine tasting

Cheers to Goveia Vineyards for hosting us

November 2019: Terrain in Westport shared the challenges of locally sourced foods and the creative process behind creating a menu that fits consumer need and their perception of local food.

Heirloom carrots and beautiful views


October 2019: Teaming up with the New England IFT for Taste of New England to celebrate the best in the food industry in the Northeast.

Taste of New England

March 2019 Student night; were we recognized high school science fair winners, as well as our Graduate Scholarship awarded to Suliaman Aljasir .

Congratulations to all of our winners

November 2018: Touring Half Full Brewery in Stamford learning about the beer making process.

Learning about the progression of smaller independent breweries

November 2018: Trends in Food Service with menu choices and evolving industry issues.

Chilly but beautiful night at Elm City Social in New Haven